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  • Afternoon in Enschede

    If you arrive early on a business trip, there’s time for an afternoon chai latte tea. So, I used the time to walk into the city centre of Enschede to get a chai latte at (one of) my favourite café here in the Netherlands. Maybe I’ll even get a pizza later? At 23° it’s warm…

  • Fish & Chips

    Treating myself to lunch at Moby today.

  • Workshop – Last Day

    Workshop – Last Day

    The last day of the workshop had me busy with the layout of my magazine. Final touches this afternoon and then it’s done. Some outtakes, that didn’t make the cut:

  • Photo Shoot Day 3

    Day three and last day of the shooting activity. Now the selection process will start.

  • Magazine Shoot Day 2

    Magazine Shoot Day 2

    Second day of our photo shoot for the magazine here on Usedom. First out-of-cam images as preview.

  • Photography Workshop Usedom

    Start of the photography workshop on Usedom today. After last night’s meet and dinner, today the “teams” were formed. The first day was spent with developing a concept and exchanging ideas. Shooting will start tomorrow.

  • Morning Commute

    Along the Kiellinie this morning. 9° C.

  • Weekend in Denmark

    Weekend in Denmark

    I finished early today and left the office at 11.20 to drive up to Sønderborg for the weekend. I’ve been here in 2005 with our sailing boat. So it been a while. I walked along the shore to the centre of the small town. Now I’m taking an afternoon drink at the Espresso House. Of…

  • Rolling Home

    Rolling Home

    I arrived at the harbour in Göteborg quite early, so I took the tram into the city centre for a little while. Once I came back, I almost boarded immediately. Now I’m in the ferry waiting to get something to eat. Then it’s time to relax in the cabin. Maybe I’ll go for a quick…